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Why we are five ?
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Welcome to TRAVENTURE?..the world of excitement

It gives us pleasure to welcome to, experience of Travel and Adventure. It might be in the wide field of nature or beautiful brief span of life.  Life was full of challenge from the very early days of living creatures. Human beings were not exceptions. Urge for travel through challenges and accumulation of experiences has brought the adventurous human souls to the modern civilization.

Why we five?
   Everywhere in the Earth it has been found from the ancient age very few can succeed individually. It is always the group efforts that succeeded in better ratio. We five found ourselves very much comfortable with each other. We always shared our joy of life delightfully. We always focused our views at the same direction. So idea of launching such a website also ignited us equally. And ultimate result is TRAVENTURE.
Why Traventure?

   It is a routine feature for us to chalk our next adventure programme every year well In advance. Charting a programme always needs some basic information. And so far we were dependent only on old books, news cuttings, journals etc. But it is always difficult to find the right thing at right time. Bundle of books and journals were to be searched for programme. At the age of this ever developing Information Technology, we tried to browse the net for easy solution. But it failed to satisfy our enquiries.
   Sharing of knowledge and experience is the key of success in this modern world. Our next generation will be more convenient with upgraded technologies. So we decided to share our experience with other likeminded people and gather their knowledge, which definitely will enrich TRAVENTURE.  Only time will tell how much we could contribute to our society and the same has been accepted.

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