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pl contrac to Ramlal of Sankri, ph. no. 9411380818. Ramlal is a good guide for this region.
Trekking / Dhumdarkanti/Bali Pass combo
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I wish to do Dumdarkandi/Bali pass combo in June and i am in search of a good guide. Last year i tried it with Chandan Singh, but fir 2 trekkers he brought a support staff of 5 porters and 1 head cook and cost was too much for me that i had to call it off at Kiyarkoti. Can you help me with a guide who will be nominal for 2 trekkers?
In 3Ac of Garib Rath seating arrangement :  where in side lower, side middle lower and side upper lower arranged.
If anybody inform me any idea of seating arrangement of Garib Rath of Indian Railway ??

Thanks for given correct location of Sabujban.
On 8th December, 2012 we went to Sabujban, West Bengal near Bolpur an echo tourism location.
13 Kms. From Bolpur toward Bolpur Palitpur Road.

Map Link :,87.753296&spn=0.088233,0.169086

Mobile No.  9153193458  For contact at Sabujban. 

On 21st October, 2012 I went  at Mandarmani  with my wife Samita by our  Gear less 110cc scooter .  Started our riding towards Mandarmani from Burdwan via  – Arambagh,  Khanakul, Rajhati Bandar road, jhikra, joypur road, Mankur road to NH6

Map url here,+West+Bengal&daddr=22.87165,87.80521+to:Mandarmoni,+West+Bengal&hl=en&ll=22.55822,87.801361&spn=0.363344,0.676346&sll=22.537927,88.154297&sspn=1.453549,2.705383&geocode=Fa5_YgEds7E8BSn9Xn7q0Un4OTEOix9SChrnTA%3BFWL-XAEdGs07BSkpkyhBlxP4OTENiV7QAAGvUQ%3BFTChSgEd0js6BSkpOJC7XyUDOjH7pwe1w4d37g&oq=BURDWA&mra=dpe&mrsp=1&sz=9&via=1&t=m&z=11 

At the time of return to Burdwan we followed NH6 & NH2.

Bilas Chatterjee,

I have recently seen your pics of Sinka Pass which you have mentioned to be Supin Pass. Please let me know the route of Supin Pass.
supin and sinka pass is same and one. detail report attache as early as soon.
Trekking / Re: trekking at supin pass
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We are waiting for your information.
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